Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions in-the-bag

We're a connection and facilitation service - bringing project-ready 'MICE' buyers to the right suppliers.

The increasingly digital world may be able to connect us via a wire but it's also teaching us to appreciate the essential face-to-face interactions of doing business. Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions still play a big part. They're ambassadors for companies, they motivate staff and customers and they supercharge brands. They're essential business but they're very visible on the budget sheet - so they've got to be right.

If you're a supplier

you'll be spending much of your time on your own events and marketing - prospecting for new business in an ever-more competitve market. Wouldn't you rather have a source of project-ready buyers so you can be spending your time delivering their projects?

MICE in the bag provides pre-qualified leads - companies who have projects in mind, their budget approved, and are ready to go. Your hunt for new business is all but over. And, after your project is delivered, we collect and deliver professional post-project feedback from the client.

If you're a buyer

you have to navigate and manage the supplier marketplace to juggle price and quality. Wouldn't you rather be spending your time planning your project?

Tell MICE in the bag about your project and your budget. With our connections, we can connect you to the right team to execute your project. With our scale, we can deliver a price you wouldn't have found elsewhere. We have a diverse network of referenced, top-quality suppliers: destination suppliers, travel, event execution... you name it.