Making connections that make results

At MICE in the bag we always have an ear to the ground and an ear to our networks. We have almost 50 years of experience in delivery, which is why people such as communications and event managers come to us, asking how thay can make their conferences and events a hit.

Our networks and our experience are what make us special. That's how we introduce buyers with briefs and budgets to teams of suppliers who can really deliver.

To the suppliers in our network, this is gold-dust - our repository of people with budgets and briefs who are looking for the best deal on a great meeting, incentive, conference or event.

So, what happens?

We connect those business-ready buyers with the right people from our network of proven suppliers - and we don't take the word 'proven' lightly! We're rigorous about reports, reputation and feedback to make sure everyone keeps rubbing shoulders with the best.

On demand, we directly connect buyers with groups of suppliers that are tailor-made for location, budget and expertise.

We also run networking events in which we bring the right mix of buyers into contact with the right raft of suppliers.

In every aspect of this service, we expedite the entire process to make sure the right suppliers are matched with every client project.